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As learning a foreign language poses a number of challenges for the students, it has become indispensable to search for "optimal" conditions to enhance opportunities of engaging in the target language. Within this context, the Mobile-Blended Collaborative Learning model has been integrated in and out of the classroom learning in order to enable language learners to practice English by means of collaborative, authentic language activities based on project-based learning approach. The...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Case Studies, Blended Learning, Cooperative Learning, Teaching Methods, English...
The proponents of frequent quizzes claim that they stimulate students and have a positive effect on their learning, while the opponents argue that too frequent quizzes might frustrate students and hinder their learning. This study examined the effect of frequent quizzes on Iranian undergraduate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners' pronunciation achievement. The nonequivalent group, pretest-posttest design was employed to study two classes of English literature and English teaching...
Topics: ERIC Archive, English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction,...