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The AOL CD-ROM Collection

America On-Line

In the early 1990s, the service provider America On-Line (AOL) initiated a new "carpet-bombing" approach to acquiring new members, sending free CD-ROMs throughout the USA offering trial access to the service. This approach grew AOL from 200,000 accounts to over 22 million.

Along the way, millions of CD-ROMs were produced for AOL, at one point representing 50% of all CDs being manufactured worldwide. As a result, millions of CDs landed in the world and went to all sorts of locations, piling up and becoming landfill, filled storage, and art. Multiple thousands of variations were produced during this time.

This collection will comprise as many unique versions of AOL CDs as can be found.

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CD-ROM Software Collection
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The AOL CD-ROM Collection
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German and Swedish-Language AOL 3.0 CDs. PDF should be cropped into more accurate items. From  Christoffer Turfors.
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