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BBC Research and Development Reports

A collection of BBC Research and Development reports and white papers, dating from the 1960s through to 1996.

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BBC Research and Development Reports
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R&D Report 1955-36 : Sound level distribution in concert halls. M.W. Greenway, T. Somerville, F.L. Ward. This report describes measurements recently carried out in five concert halls to determine the difference in sound level between the seats close to the orchestra and those at the back of the hall. The source of sound was an orchestra in all cases and measurements were made both during rehearsals and public performances.
Topics: level, reverberation, hall, reflector, microphone, halls, reverberant, sound, stalls, direct,...
R&D Report 1966-21 : Acoustic tests in Broadcasting House, London: The anomalous sound transmission between Studio S2 and the Concert Hall. C.L.S. Gilford, A.N. Burd This report describes investigations to ascertain the cause of excessive transmission of sound between the Concert Hall, Broadcasting House and Studio S2 which lies below it.
Topics: concert, sound, studio, transmission, floor, void, measured, hall, insulation, studios, control...