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BBC Research and Development Reports

A collection of BBC Research and Development reports and white papers, dating from the 1960s through to 1996.

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R&D Report 1959-05 : Reception of Crystal Palace 51.5 Mc/s and 45.0 Mc/s channels in South Africa during the increasing phase of the sunspot cycle. T.W. Bennington Reception reports have been received from the Panorama, Johannesburg receiving station of the. South African Broadcasting Corporation in respect of the reception there during the period 1000-1800 GMT of the Crystal Palace 41'5 Mc/s and 45'0 Mc/s frequencies and the data are here presented. The reports have been analysed for 28...
Topics: reception, muf, gmt, variations, monthly, values, percentage, sunspot, mup, frequency, sunspot...