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The British merchants assistant : or, A complete view of the British customs: containing a distinct and practical account of each branch of that revenue; the rates of merchandize, as settled by 12 Car. II. cap. 4. and 11 Geo. I. cap. 7. &c. With tables calculated for representing, at one view, or by one single addition at most, the net duties payable on any quantity of goods, in all circumstances of importation, exportation, or the coast business, and the net drawbacks to be repaid on due exportation. Also, a compendious explanation of the bounties payable out of customs; with tables representing, at one view, the bounty payable on any quantity of goods whatsoever. Together with an abstract of all the laws now in force relating to the customs, to the 5 Geo. III. inclusive, digested under proper heads, alphabetically

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