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Cultural & Academic Films

This library of academic and cultural films features collections from the Academic Film Archive and the Media Burn Independent Film Archive, as well as a selection of documentaries created by Dorothy Fadiman. In addition, films from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology are presented including those by Watson Kintner who used film to document his world travels, and the popular television show from the 1950s: “What in the World?”

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A Year At The Wheel
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Politics, Art, Religion, Revolution By Shane and Amy Bugbee This is the full length experimental film produced from the A Year At The Wheel Project by Shane and Amy Bugbee. It offers a compelling look of a large cross section of the American people from coast to coast during the year leading up to the 2008 election. The film features clips from Craig Newmark founder of Craigslist, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Minor Threat and founder of Dischord Records, revolutionary and poet John Sinclair,...
Topics: A Year At The Wheel, bugbees, shane bugbee, creatives, scholars, madmen, individuality, freedom,...
A Year At The Wheel
by Shane & Amy Bugbee
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departure day, over a week delayed. shane & amy featured. elgin, ill as the bugbees sponsor leaves them high and dry the depart a few days late. this footage includes: the bugbee's leaving with less than $200. and no credit cards. conversation includes: the adam curry deal falling thru, amy shows her worry and interviews cheyenne, details their departure and plans, shows off the truck we are leaving in. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel