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Cultural & Academic Films

This library of academic and cultural films features collections from the Academic Film Archive and the Media Burn Independent Film Archive, as well as a selection of documentaries created by Dorothy Fadiman. In addition, films from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology are presented including those by Watson Kintner who used film to document his world travels, and the popular television show from the 1950s: “What in the World?”

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University of Washington Libraries
by F B Farquharson, University of Washington
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The construction of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, its opening to traffic on July 1, 1940, its collapse on November 7, 1940, and footage of testing on a scale model of the bridge. The bridge experienced oscillations both while under construction and after opening, and in May of 1940 the Washington Toll Bridge Authority hired Professor Farquharson to make wind-tunnel tests and recommend solutions in order to reduce the  oscillations of the bridge. The recommendations were delivered days before the...
Topics: F B Farquharson, University of Washington, Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure,...
Washington State University Libraries
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George Frykman's 271 page text presents a formal look at the institutional development and evolution of Washington State University. It is one of three books written in 1989-1990 for the school's centennial. Frykman came to Washington State University in 1950, primarily teaching in the History department until his retirement in 1987.
Topic: Washington State University