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Cultural & Academic Films

This library of academic and cultural films features collections from the Academic Film Archive and the Media Burn Independent Film Archive, as well as a selection of documentaries created by Dorothy Fadiman. In addition, films from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology are presented including those by Watson Kintner who used film to document his world travels, and the popular television show from the 1950s: “What in the World?”

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Global Islands Project
by brad brace
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LAMU 2005: (2:18:44) No one ever said, "Hakuna Matata." I prefer this small, nimble 176x144 mp4-film format: from a tiny, rare now, palm-sized SD camera. Other earlier PDF publications and field recordings are a part of this Global Islands Project: Lamu off eastern Kenya, was easily the most hostile photo environment: in your viewfinder, the little speck of man in his boat half a kilometer upstream would suddenly stand-up and begin loudly berating you for not asking permission (or not...
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