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Donations of Film from unknown Donors. Pallets: IA13085
Topic: Film
Donation Items
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Donation from Modern Sound Pictures 2015-07-30 Pallets: Cataloged, not yet digitized film Modern Sound Pictures Collection Inventory Modern Sound Condition Inventory Notes Digitized boxes of provenance documents:  1 2 3 4 5 6 IA13100 IA13101 IA13102 IA13103 IA13104 IA13105 IA13106 IA13107 IA13109 IA13110 IA13111 IA13112 IA13113 IA13114 IA13115 IA13116 IA13117 IA13118 IA13119 IA13120 IA13121 IA13122 IA13123 IA13124 IA13125 IA13016 IA13017 IA13128 IA12889 #pallet of important files related to...
Topic: Donation from Modern Sound Pictures
Donation of Mood Music Video from Archive of Contemporary Music. Approximately 10K music videos. Pallets: IA14256 IA14257 IA14258 IA14259 IA14263 IA14264 IA14265 IA14266 IA14267 IA14268 IA14269 IA14327 IA14328 IA14329 IA14443 IA14553 IA14554 IA14658 IA14659 IA14775 IA14776 IA14777 IA14778 IA14779 IA14883 IA14926 IA14927 IA14957 IA14958 IA14963 IA14995 IA14996 IA14997 IA15001 IA15002
Topic: Donation of Mood Music Video Collection received from Archive of Contemporary Music
Photos from the collection of Robert Beekman Rockwell. Robert Beekman Rockwell studied social science and social thought at Stanford University, and was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. During WWII, he served as an Army correspondent and photographer for Yank Magazine. He retired after 30 years with the San Francisco Public Utilities, where he was Public Relations Director for the city's airport and transit system. This series of images appears to be from a private family trip up the...
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Topic: Donation of Color Transparencies from Recycled Records 2017-09