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Marina Abramović's art pushes the boundary between audience and artist in pursuit of heightened consciousness and personal change. In her groundbreaking 2010 work, "The Artist Is Present," she simply sat in a chair facing her audience, for eight hours a day ... with powerfully moving results. Her boldest work may still be yet to come — it's taking the form of a sprawling art institute devoted to experimentation and simple acts done with mindful attention. "Nothing happens if...
Topics: Tedtalks, TED, Talks, art, collaboration, communication, energy, fear, identity, performance art,...
Folksoundomy: Music and Music Albums
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Material between 00:01-00:55 is suitable material for vj's (working with 75 or 190 BPM). The clip is intended as filling material for documentaries etc. addressing copyright issues, intellectual property rights or myths related to artistic creativity. Video is shot in Helsinki, Finland (60,183219, 24,957928). The background noise consists of faulty plumbing and trams passing above the M-Cult studios where the video was shot. The work was made for Open Community Media,'s "Media...
Topics: remix, filling material, illustration, blinking light, electricity, vj loop, conceptual art, 75...