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Episode #183: Filmed at Bruce Nauman's New Mexico studio in August 2000, the artist explains his need to experiment with new materials and forms on a daily basis. Nauman relies on experimentation to keep his creative process moving forward, even if it leads to artwork that no one, including himself, will appreciate. As Nauman walks around his cavernous studio he points out examples such as taxidermy forms that he transformed into a bronze fountain for his front yard. Bruce Nauman finds...
Topic: arts&culture
UC Berkeley's Art, Technology, and Culture lecture series
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Vito Acconci, "Everything I Know Will Be Yours: Surveillance In Plein Air" Bio The influential, provocative and often radical art-making practices of Vito Acconci have earned him international recognition. Acconci has been a vital presence in contemporary art since the late 1960s; his confrontational and ultimately political works have evolved from writing through conceptual art, bodyworks, performance, film, video, multimedia installation and architectural sculpture. In the 1970s,...
Topics: ATC, UC Berkeley, Berkeley Center for New Media, BCNM