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The Jamendo Albums Collection
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Lava303 - Acid Rock´n Roll Stories Jamendo Album #005973 Tracklisting: 01 - Track 1 Drymadhes Beach Intro (Albania) 02 - Track 2 Kosova Trans (Kosovo) 03 - Track 3 Tiffany (Goa India) 04 - Track 4 Drymadhes Beach 2 05 - Track 5 Women of Goa (Goa India) 06 - Track 6 Drymadhes3 07 - Track 7 Menschen, die lachen 08 - Track 8 Violet House Jam (Prishtina) 09 - Track 9 The Volunteer (Crossing Bridges) 10 - Track 10 Mescla Jam (Napoli) 11 - Track 11 Sisters Organisation (Crossing Bridges Collection)...
Radio Programs
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GRAM PARSONS  GRIEVOUS ANGEL An hour long exploration of the life, the music and the influence of Gram Parsons. Bob Harris  explains how Parsons rewrote music history in only a few short years, examines the role he played in the development of popular music and looks back at the bizarre circumstances of his early death. The programme features a previously unheard interview with Parsons, plus contributions from Emmylou Harris and Keith Richards.   GRAM PARSONS  The heir to a million-dollar...
Topics: Radio Documentary, Gram Parsons, Music
University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
by Pacific Film Archive
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Additional Title : The Sixties: What it was and what it wasn't Description : The artistic, cultural, and political moment of the Bay Area (and beyond) in the Sixties is discussed by key figures of the era, including R.G. Davis (founder of the San Francisco Mime Troupe), filmmaker Bruce Conner, filmmaker/distributor Peter Gessner (founder of Newsreel), and curator Tom Luddy. Topics include the link between politics, activism, and filmmaking;, the role of the artist in tackling politics; the Bay...
Topics: californialightandsound, Luddy, Tom, Davis, R.G., Gessner, Peter, Gitlin, Todd, Gorin, Jean-Pierre,...
Source: 8 Tapes of 8: 1/8 inch audio cassette