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Women classical musicians performing music by women composers. Recorded at the Bing Theater, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Feb. 21, 1977. Part one composers and pieces are the following: Sonata in A minor for piano / Marianne Martinez. Nocturne in B-flat for piano / Maria Szymanowska. Three etudes for piano / Maria Szymanowska. String quartet, 1931 / Ruth Crawford. Part two composers and pieces are the following: Let us walk in the white snow / Mary Howe. Two Poems by Garcia Lorca / Maria...
Topics: Martinez, Marianne, 1744-1812, Szymanowska, Maria Agata Wołowska, 1789-1831, Seeger, Ruth...
This introduction to Peking opera describes the history of the opera, its instrumentation and orchestration, its costuming and facial paintings, the types of characters, the styles of recitation, the solo singing, and the differences in the types of Peking opera. Han Kuo-Huang, a professor of music history and ethnomusicology at Northern Illinois University, also describes the changes that are happening now to opera in China. The program contains many examples and demonstrations of the various...
Source: KPFA
Attention K-Mart Shoppers
by Special Recordings, Inc
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This is a digitized version of an in-store reel to reel tape that was played within a Kmart store in 1973.  In my opinion, the opening Kmart jingle is the most important artifact of this recording, but the music and small number of commercials make it a great listen. This company listed on the original box is Special Recordings, Inc and is out of Detroit Mi.  As Kmart was based in Michigan, this supplier was most likely somewhat nearby. The recording contains both sides, which are 1 hour long...
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Topics: Kmart, cassette, tape, in-store, in store, public address, PA, advertising, vaporwave, Kresge,...