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Originally published in German: Abbruch der Schweigemauer. Hamburg : Hoffman und Campe Verlag, 1990
Topics: Adult child abuse victims, Child abuse, Child Abuse
The study investigated the relationship between childhood trauma and types of attachment and the predictive role of childhood trauma on types of attachment. The sample was composed of 911 (492 female; 419 male) university students at Mugla Sitki Kocman University, in Turkey. Data were collected using the brief screening version of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire and Relationship Scales Questionnaire. Pearson product-moment correlation analysis was employed to search for relationship between...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Questionnaires, Correlation, Children, Trauma, Attachment Behavior, Predictor...
This project provides a comprehensive overview of the research literature on the brain and how trauma impacts brain development, structures, and functioning. A basic exploration of childhood trauma is outlined in this project, as it is essential in making associations and connections to brain development. Childhood trauma is processed in the brain; it is responsible for our emotional, cognitive, behavioral, social, and physiological functioning. Understanding how the brain develops, including...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Brain Hemisphere Functions, Emotional Disturbances, Child Development, Correlation,...
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Translation of: Der gemiedene Schl├╝ssel
Topics: Creative ability, Parent and child, Psychic trauma in children, Gifted persons, Child Abuse, Child...