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Academic Film Archive of North America
by Bruce And Katharine Cornwell
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'Journey to the Center of a Triangle' (1976) 8m, dir. Bruce & Katharine Cornwell. Another fabulous film by the Cornwells, created on the Tektronics 4051 Graphics Terminal. Presents a series of animated constructions that determine the center of a variety of triangles, including such centers as circumcenter, incenter, centroid and orthocenter. The music is Bach's preludes 8 (Eb minor) and 12 (F minor) from the Well Tempered Clavier. More on the Cornwells at
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Topics: mathematics, science
Academic Film Archive of North America
by Carson "Kit" Davidson
eye 9,836
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comment 2
Fourteen international awards, including an Academy Award, Nomination and the Special Prize of the Jury, Cannes Intl Festival. Presents a surrealistic and humorous satire on the Madison Avenue image of the world through advertising. The terrific jazz soundtrack was done by Bob Brookmeyer and Gerry Mulligan, who was a friend of filmmaker Carson "Kit" Davidson. This film was restored courtesy the Academy Film Archive. More on Davidson and his other films you can view at...
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Topics: experimental, jazz, dada, surrealism