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University of Washington Libraries
by University of Washington. Instructional Media Services.
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Alan Marlatt, Professor of Psychology, University of Washington, looks at a different model of addiction, one which does not focus on genetics but, rather, on bad habits. The production was recorded in a bar--the Bar Lab in the Psychology Building at the University of Washington. The Lab, with a two-way mirror, video and audio recording equipment, was designed to do research about drinking behavior.  Originally broadcast as a segment of the television series Upon reflection. 
Topics: Marlatt, G. Alan, College students -- Alcohol use, Substance abuse, Alcoholism -- Prevention, Upon...
Silent Films
by D.W. Griffith
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In its time, "The Birth of a Nation" was a masterpiece. Its racist undertones and revisionism are quite disturbing, but it is still worth watching for its historical influence. IMDb entry:
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Topics: D.W. Griffith, The Clansman, Silent, pdmovies
Prelinger Archives
by Coronet Instructional Films
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Social guidance film showing how necessary self-reliance is to all successful endeavors and happiness.
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Topic: Social guidance
Prelinger Archives
by Affiliated Film Producers
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Husband and wife struggle to attain a balance of power in their marriage. This neorealist social guidance film was directed by Alexander Hammid.
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Topics: Marriage, Social guidance: Marriage, Gender roles