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Community Video
by Gordon Wellesley
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A sarcastic comedy about the Russian-Soviet bureaucracy, based on the eponymous novella by Yuri Tynyanov. Set in the reign of Emperor Paul I. A copying error by a military scribe turns the Russian words for "the lieutenants, however" into what looks like "lieutenant Kizhe". The Tsar reads the error, and wants to meet this (non-existent) Lieutenant Kizhe. His courtiers are at first too frightened to contradict the Tsar, but then the fiction turns out to be all too convenient...
Topics: Comedy, Drama
Feature Films
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vozrozhdenie stalingrada
Topics: Revival of Stalingrad, RussTV, USSR
Community Video
by Dziga Vertov
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A Sixth Part of the World (Russian: Шестая часть мира , Shestaya Chast Mira), sometimes referred to as The Sixth Part of the World , is a 1926 silent film directed by Dziga Vertov and produced by Kultkino (part of Sovkino). Through the travelogue format, it depicted the multitude of Soviet peoples in remote areas of USSR and detailed the entirety of the wealth of the Soviet land. Focusing on cultural and economic diversity, the film is in fact a call for unification in order to...
Topics: Dziga Vertov, A Sixth Part of the World, Soviet Cinema, History of Film
Folkscanomy: Fringe and Off-Center
by Mikhail Mikheev
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An ultra-rare Russian-language documentary about the most notorious of the Gulag death camps in frigid north-eastern Siberia. If sent to Kolyma, you had about a 10% chance of survival, death coming quickly from exposure, illness, disease, overwork, or inmate gangs.  The common expression in Russia was, "Kolyma means death!" Anything (or nothing) you did, had done, or might do would be enough to get you sent there. To quote Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - author of The Gulag Archipelago - on...
Topics: gulag, death camp, death camps, concentration, concentration camps, gulag Archipelago, stalin,...