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by Robert Farrell
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In 1937, Welles and the Mercury company earned a reputation for their inventive adaptation of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar set in contemporary Fascist Italy. They moved on to productions of The Shoemaker's Holiday, Heartbreak House, Too Much Johnson and Danton's Death in 1938. In 1939 Five Kings was produced along with The Green Goddess. The last theatrical production of the company was Native Son in 1941. Welles had already worked extensively in radio drama, playing the title character...
Topics: The Mercury Theatre on the Air, Old Time Radio
Community Audio
by Robert Farrell
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Lux Radio Theatre was indisputably the biggest, most important, most expensive drama anthology program on radio. It ran from October 14, 1934 until June 7, 1955, then continued on television as Lux Video Theatre until 1957. In all, some 926 episodes were broadcast, providing a record of the most important entertainment events in American theatre and later film. The show was first broadcast on the NBC Blue Network on Sundays at 2:30 PM. The show featured adaptations of successful Broadway plays...
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Topics: Lux Radio Theatre, Old Time Radio
by Gregg Taylor
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The Red Panda Adventures is a full-cast audio drama series, written and performed in the style of the classic adventure broadcasts from the golden age of radio. The Red Panda Adventures was written and directed by creator Gregg Taylor, and tells the ongoing story of the masked protector of Depression-era Toronto, who is secretly wealthy young gad-about August Fenwick, and his trusty partner in crime fighting, Kit Baxter a.k.a. The Flying Squirrel. The series covers the "pulp hero" era...
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Topics: otr, audio drama, radio, radio play, full-cast, pulp, adventure, comics, comic book, superhero,...