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Classic TV uploaded by HappySwordsman
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Daytime game show, usually regardless as one of the worst shows of the 1960s. Quite popular though. (if there's anything wrong with the file, please let me know. If there's nothing wrong with the file, please let me know). Daytime series always feature more advertising than prime-time series, and this features more advertising than most day-time!
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Topics: Classic TV, Television, Queen for a Day, 1960s, 60s, Sixties, Game show, Evil
Prelinger Archives
by Davis (Sid) Productions
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Shows how children meet and correctly cope with situations calling upon them to remember each of the safety rules they have been taught.
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Educational Films
by Films Incorporated
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Documents the events that led to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the unauthorized attack on Manchuria, the sinking of the USS Panay, the negotiations between Secretary of State Cordell Hull and the Japanese ambassadors, and the reaction of Americans to December 7, 1941
Topics: Pearl Harbor, Attack on (Hawaii : 1941), World War (1939-1945), Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on,...