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Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) Archive
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In post-medieval times, art became sacrosanct rather than special as it had been regarded in previous cultures. This notion still drives art education and prevents the inclusion of entire cultures in contemporary curricula in art education. The myths that any society lives with, whether religious, political, or economic, are embedded in that culture's artifacts. Cultures are comprised of messages that people send back and forth among themselves about the nature of reality. In ancient cultures...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Art Appreciation, Art Education, Art Expression, Art History, Cultural Influences,...
A critical reader "does more than simply soak up bits and pieces of information." He applies a personal reserve of knowledge and experience to a text to ascribe possible meanings. In other words, he interprets. In addition, he compares his own values and beliefs with those suggested to him by a text and defends them, if necessary. In other words, he argues. Moreover, he often organizes his personal response by classifying or comparing possible meanings and then generalizes about...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, Higher Education, Literary Criticism,...
Critical thinkers must be critical about critical thinking itself, and because there is a close conceptual connection between critical thinking and rationality, the demand for justification for a commitment to critical thinking is tantamount to a demand for reasons that justify a commitment to rationality. Several authors have argued that the demand for justification of rationality is a bogus demand because there is an unremovable circularity in offering reasons for being rational. Among the...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Critical Thinking, Educational Philosophy, Educational Principles, Elementary...
In an attempt to improve its students' writing abilities, as well as their critical thinking skills, Lord Fairfax Community College, in Virginia, developed a program called "Thinking through Writing." The project designers believed that concept formation, classification, memory enhancement, and other learning/thinking skills could be enhanced by discipline-centered writing. In the first year of the 2-year program, the faculty researched possible methods for meeting both their...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Community Colleges, Curriculum Design, Interdisciplinary Approach, Teaching Methods,...
This book provides material and ideas for bringing metaphorical thinking into the classroom in the context of language discussions. It is organized to link the conceptual with the concrete, integrating teaching ideas with discussions concerning the various roles that metaphorical thinking plays in human understanding and communications. The book's first part, "The Nature of Metaphors and Metaphorical Thinking," discusses metaphorical thinking, how metaphors work, and the kinds of...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Class Activities, Critical Thinking, Cultural Context, Elementary Secondary...
This paper posits that metaphor, in addition to embellishing language, promotes a comprehensive understanding of complex concepts and phenomena and provides teachers with a powerful way to talk about their work. The main body of this document, which includes an extensive review of the literature, considers the use of metaphors for mentoring in the preparation of mentors and in research on mentoring. Interviews and surveys were conducted with experienced teacher mentors (N=137) who were asked to...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Affective Behavior, Concept Formation, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher...
Universal Library
by Eric A Sutton
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Folkscanomy Politics: Political Systems, Government and Democratic Organization
by Eric Rainbolt of Austin Texas
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The Architecture of History (How the World has been Set-Up) Is history being 'concocted'? Yes it is. Hidden powerful interests associated with 33rd degree freemasonry are attempting to take credit in 'architect'ing history to create a despotic one world totalitarian government. If you thought any president since JFK had good intentions, please look at the long trail of evidence contained in this unique book. For example, two catastrophies occured on the "11th" anniversary of two...
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Topic: The Freemasonic Architecture of History Occult Numerology Illuminati New World Order Terrorism...
Community Texts
by Eric Scheibeler
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My Purpose In Exposing The Truth About Merchants Of Deception Despite your initial thoughts, this site is not an assault of Amway distributors. It is, to the contrary, an effort to stop the well-organized deception that is being perpetrated upon them. Please allow me to provide you with some background information on myself. I was employed as a Federal auditor for the US Department of Energy. Following that I worked in management for a large insurance company. My wife and I were recruited by...
Topics: amway, scamway, fraud, scam, mlm, lies, death threats, illegal, crime, Rich DeVos