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by Koplewicz, Harold S; Furman, Gail C; Goodman, Robin F
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Topics: Children's drawings, Children's drawings, Arab-Israeli conflict, Nahostkonflikt, Kinderzeichnung,...
This paper presents therapeutic art practices carried out with 60 orphan children in the small town of Ugarchin in northern Bulgaria. In 1999, a group of artists and teachers developed a varied program of art activities for these children. These activities included two 1-week visits and the opening of five art workshops--Art History, Ceramics, Painting, Installation Art, and Fashion Design. Given the high level of illiteracy among the children, as well as their difficulty verbalizing feelings...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Foreign Countries, Art Therapy, Art Activities, Program Effectiveness, Mental Health,...
For eight weeks, we ran an art-based program for social and emotional development in Grade 5 of primary school for children aged 11-12. We met once a week for 45 minutes and worked with 25 children on improving their skills in communication, cooperation, manifestation, and recognition of emotions and identity enforcement. Each skill was covered by two lessons, with the first and last lessons including a class climate evaluation using the CES (classroom environment scale) (Moos & Tricket,...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Art Therapy, Emotional Development, Classroom Environment, Cognitive Development,...