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The VHS Vault
by Nickelodeon Studios

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The full special, ripped from my own VHS recording of it. Featuring a special performance from Weird Al Yankovic. This is the raw rip from myself, there is a profile with my username floating around using the compressed YouTube rip.
Topics: Nickelodeon, Weird Al Yankovic, 2000's
The VHS Vault
by Nickelodeon/Viacom

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Finally uploaded all of Nickelodeon March 2001. The episode of Hey Arnold you see at the start is only partial because this was a tape I recorded over a little. Only I had no idea that there was stuff left on it. I don't have the episode that follows "Eating Contest" since the tape ran out at that point. 
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Topics: Nickelodeon, CatDog, Hey Arnold