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'In the landscape of spring, there is neither better nor worse. The flowering branches grow naturally, some long, some short.'' -Zen saying, It is as winter collapses that we release this magnificient compilation, somewhat of a soundtrack for the rejuvenation of the comatose vegetation, soaked in melting snow, stretching for the heat we all so direly waited for in our 4 months of deep sleep. Compiling vairous forms of ambient music, from academic to organic, to loopy, and more, all these...
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Topics: muhr, huw roberts, direwires, transient, ambient, organic, academic, field recordings, lum,...
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Number fourteen at Serein marks the most welcome return of Muhr, the man responsible for the first release in the Serein catalog many moons ago. Whilst Muhr has contributed many tracks to other labels in the interim, we're honoured to present his latest offering, which may be his most confident effort yet. Poussiere (meaning 'dust') is very much a development of a sound Muhr has been exploring for some time, the undercurrents of previous offerings are present (notably 'we are desolved' and 'la...
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Topics: muhr, poussière, serein, dark, angst, ser014, electronica, post-rock, post rock
by Muhr
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It's been in the queue for quite some time, but we're proud to finally debut 'A Lonely Gust Of Wind' from Canadian artist Vincent Fugère, once known as Vizion but nowadays known as Muhr - a 3-track ambient EP of stark beauty and obtuse goodness. We start off, naturally enough, with 'Part 1', which drifts in and out almost entirely for the first half or so of the track, before laying into some repeated ambient phrased, before 'Part 2' starts to swell a little, laying on the almost orchestral...
Community Audio
by LAJ
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Canadian-based Muhr (Vincent Fugère, also known as Vizion, the found of netlabel Camomille and creator of Apegenine Recordings) offers a unique blend of ambient and electronica composing under the alias of Muhr. Sometimes including cinematic and classical overtones, his music is quite accurately described as “textural scenes and inspiring ambiences shadowed by subtle, minimal beat-work and cinematic chords and piano under murmurs of lost, faraway guitar....
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A live concert by the Extended Vocal Techniques Ensemble, recorded at the KPFK studio in Los Angeles. During the intermission the members of EVTE discuss their work and give examples of the techniques they use to create their music. After the concert their is a panel discussion with the members of EVTE discussing their personal backgrounds.
Topics: KPFA-FM, Imaginary Landscape, Music, Avant-Garde, EVTE
Other Minds Audio Archive
by Charles Amirkhanian & Brian Eno
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Charles Amirkhanian and Brian Eno discuss Phonetic Poetry, how Brian writes his lyrics, and the spirit of inquisitiveness at KPFA Radio on Saturday February 2, 1980. Listen to some of Brian Enos pieces; After the Heat, Everything Merges With the Night, Another Green World, Spirits Drifting and sections of other pieces. Brian Eno also discusses the artist Peter Schmidt and their work on the Oblique Strategies Cards, being a producer, Process vs Product and looping. Reel I ends with some thoughts...
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Topics: KPFA-FM, Ode to Gravity series, Interview and Music, New Music, Popular Music, Brian Eno
Source: Other Minds
World Premiere of Mark Grey's Sands of Time for cello and live electronic processing (2003) performed at Other Minds 10 at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2004 Joan Jeanrenaud, cello Mark Grey, electronics One of the most in-demand sound designers today, Grey is best known for his work with the Kronos Quartet, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley and most recently with John Adams in The Dharma at Big Sur for the October 2003 opening of Disney Hall in Los Angeles. Mark Grey is...
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Topic: 20th Century Classical
Source: Other Minds