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Video recorded July 6th, 2016. As the video begins, a bar of stainless steel anti-bird spikes can be seen dangling precariously from atop a six-story wall in the courtyard of an apartment building. San Francisco Animal Care and Control officers had recently ordered the building management to open the netting so that wild birds nesting inside the walls would be able to exit to forage as well as to re-enter to feed their young. Prior to the netting being opened, workers had again trapped the...
Topics: animal rights, birds, pigeons, feral pigeons, rock doves, columba livia, homing pigeons, netting,...
Community Video
by Kinoteca
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"Kinoteca - Prince Alexander of Serbia; Austrian Red Cross Horse carts over bridge; Aust. camp life tents. Getting medals (Albanian troops); Slavic POWs on road; Nicholas of Montenegro talking to Austrians - eating at table - with Americans who fought." ARC Identifier:  89767 "This material was collected by CBS for its 1960s television documentary series, WORLD WAR I....Note: All rights were conveyed to the U.S. Government on Apr. 9, 1985. However, proprietary rights or existing...
Topics: WWI, World War, 1914-1918, Newsreel
Community Video
by Edward Boensnes
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Released in 1935, as a silent with background sound effects, this film was soon pulled by Soviet censors who believed the special effects (which are not bad) were flippant. Music composed and copyrighted by Edward Rolf Boensnes.
Topic: silent