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The Library of Congress
by Carreño, Manuel Antonio, -1874. [from old catalog]
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Topic: Etiquette
Computer Chronicles
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Virtual reality started out as a science fiction concept in the early 1950s. Now, VR has become a kind of holy grail - lots of promises and claims, few results delivered. This program looks at the state of virtual reality. Demonstrations include the Talking Glove, AutoDesk's Cyberspace project, the Virtual Hand, GestureGlove, CyberGlove, CyberCAD, Virtus Corporation's WalkThrough. Also a visit to the Virtual Reality Showcase at the Software Development Conference in Santa Clara, California....
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Topics: VRML, cyberspace, VR, AutoCAD
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
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This video contains three video shorts. The first one is by NASA about the virtual environment display system produced in 1985 at Moffet Field, CA. The next two videos are by Emil Schuit, produced in 1986. Mr. Schuit uses a digital optics with video, The first video is of nature called "Temples of Nature" and the second is of Mr. Schiut showing the process to Timothy Leary titled "Psycho-Symetrics."
Topics: NASA, virtual reality, emerging technologies, moffet field, emil schuit
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
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This is a video demonstration of early virtual reality programs and tools from the 1980's.
Topics: Virtual reality, emerging technologies
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
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The Timothy Leary Archive covers forty years of lectures, TV guest appearances, performance art, talk shows, and experimental films from Timothy's personal archives. News report of the start of this collection in February 2009.
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Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
by Autodesk
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Autodesk Demo Tape on Cyberspace with Timothy Leary. Leary portion begins approximately 5 1/2 minutes into the movie. Timothy Leary describes how cyberspace will allow people to express their explorations into inner consciousness for other people to experience. He sees Autodesk as enabling cyberspace. Timothy Leary only appears at the beginning of the video.
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Topics: Autodesk, John Forbes, Spaceball, Dataglove, VPL Research, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality glove,...