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Summary: family western train trip. Tarmac POV at an airport, looks like San Francisco airport. Passengers in travel clothes and carrying luggage deplane out the rear of a jet. Jet labeled Pacific Air Lines. Propeller jet. Waterfall view. Two men in front of two cars, pan to long view of 200 foot high waterfall. View of a lodge with full parking lot, with waterfalls above. On stone path in park, woman in skirt and scarf holds a 35mm camera up to her eye and appropaches the camera. Pacific coast...
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Educational Films
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Life in the 30's Summary Covers the Depression, FDR, Dust Bowl, 1936 election, 'RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY,' and the rise of Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. Alexander Scourby narrates.
Topics: U.S. History: 1898-1945., Unemployed., Historical sociology.