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2 v. ; 23 cm. --
Topic: World War, 1939-1945 -- Sources
2 v. ; 23 cm. --
Topic: World War, 1939-1945 -- Sources
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Back in 2015, Peekay Truth created a series of YouTube videos deconstructing the supposed "Boston Marathon Bombing"...and exposing it as a hoax...a staged event. His videos were astounding and was a prime example of "Independent Journalism". His videos were also mirrored by hundreds of others. Cut to today. With Google, Youtube, and almost all corporate social media undergoing a purge of any "alternate news" (that is...anything that deviates from the...
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Topics: Peekay Truth, Boston Hoaxathon, Trouser Bomb
The VHS Vault
by Peekay Truth
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Peekay once again dissects one of the latest media hoaxes...namely the "Christchurch Shooting". Watch as real-world physics take a holiday,...allowing all sorts of hilarious outcomes. From almost zero shell casing ejections, pre-existing bodies (some with "blood") BEFORE the shooter enters the room, gun magazine in hallway BEFORE shooter enters building, almost zero recoil, numerous contradictions between witness testimonies and "live video feed"...and much much...
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Topics: Peekay Truth, Christchurch, hoax, shooting