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Source: Uploader: Tamir Fawkner
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by Helpful Timbo
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2019 Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Podcast Archive Here you can sample a great selection of podcast episodes from our B lackbird9's Breakfast Club. The Trading Post website can be found Here 2018 Archive can be found - Here      Join us Live This  Wednesday 8:00pm Eastern in the Podcast Lounge Listen and chat up a storm with the Blackbird9 community. Check out the great selection of Big Nine at 9 podcast Interviews Here
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fuck you youtube fuck you. btw the title is the file name i made for the copy of the original file so i could circumvent youtube's restriction. i hate this so much special thanks to EvenEbin on discord for giving me the translation after i bullied him for a week. Lyrics: =================================================== Cuantos años, me destierro en esta nuestra tierra hispana cuantos años, de recuerdos ahora parece no quedar nada El olvido quiere adueñarse del recuerdo de tus hazañas...
Topics: Youtube, video, Education
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ix, 228 p. ; 24 cm
Topics: Public opinion -- United States -- History -- 20th century, International relations -- Public...
The VHS Vault
by Peekay Truth
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Peekay once again dissects one of the latest media hoaxes...namely the "Christchurch Shooting". Watch as real-world physics take a holiday,...allowing all sorts of hilarious outcomes. From almost zero shell casing ejections, pre-existing bodies (some with "blood") BEFORE the shooter enters the room, gun magazine in hallway BEFORE shooter enters building, almost zero recoil, numerous contradictions between witness testimonies and "live video feed"...and much much...
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Topics: Peekay Truth, Christchurch, hoax, shooting