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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by Argo Games
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Developed by Argo Games Platform DOS Published by Software Creations Released 1993 Genre Strategy/Tactics Gameplay Board Game Perspective Top-down Description Hexxagon is a board game based on Ataxx , except with a hexagon grid instead of a square grid. It takes place on a board made up of hexes, 58 in total, and each player starts with three pawns. You can move a pawn two hexes in any direction, or clone a pawn onto an adjacent hex. Every opponent's pawn adjacent to the pawn you just placed...
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Software Library: MS-DOS Games
by Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.
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Also For Acorn 32-bit, Amiga, Amiga CD32, Atari ST, BlackBerry, Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, SEGA Master System, SNES Developed by Gremlin Graphics Software Limited Published by Gremlin Graphics Software Limited Released 1993 Genre Action Gameplay Arcade, Platform, Shooter Perspective Side view Visual 2D scrolling Description His name is Zool, and he is a gremlin-like creature from another dimension. He is forced to land on the Earth, but his sole goal is to attain the prestigious ranking of a...
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