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"When it first appeared in 1920, Mises was alone in challenging the socialists to explain how their pricing system would actually work in practice. Mises proved that socialism could not work because it could not distinguish more or less valuable uses of social resources, and predicted the system would end in chaos. The result of his proof was the two-decade-long 'socialist calculation' debate." From (also...
Topics: socialism, economics, Austrian economics, price theory, Mises, libertarianism
California Digital Library
by Rose-Innes, Arthur
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pt. 1. Graduated exercises in conversational Japanese.--pt. 2. Elementary grammar of the Japanese spoken language.--pt. 3. Vocabulary of common Japanese words with numerous examples & notes.--pt. 4. The Japanese text of Part 1 in large Japanese characters with kana alongside
Topics: Japanese language -- Composition and exercises, Japanese language -- Grammar, Japanese language