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University of Toronto - Robarts Library
by Johnston, Harry Hamilton, Sir, 1858-1927
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Topics: Blacks -- America, Slavery -- America
statement of responsibility: collected from most authentick authors, augmented with later observations, and adorn'd with maps and sculptures by John Ogilby
Title (continued): ... Containing a general description of the said province, its soil, air, water, seasons and produce, both natural and artificial, and the good encrease thereof. Of the natives or aborigines, their language, customs and manners, diet, houses or wigwams, liberality, easie way of living, physick, burial, religion, sacrifices and cantico, festivals, government, and their order in council upon treaties for land, &c. their justice upon evil doers. Of the first planters, the...
Topic: Indians of North America
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Not Out of Africa has sparked widespread debate over the teaching of revisionist history in schools and colleges. Was Socrates black? Did Aristotle steal his ideas from the library in Alexandria? Do we owe the underlying tenets of our democratic civilization to the Africans? Mary Lefkowitz explains why politically motivated histories of the ancient world are being written and shows how Afrocentrist claims blatantly contradict the historical evidence. Not Out of Africa is an important book that...
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Topics: Afrocentrist, Afrocentrism, History, Revisionism, Black Athena, Out of Africa, Not Out of Africa,...