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by Artful Dodger; Cheap Trick; Chris Bell; Chris Stamey; Earth Quake; Flamin’ Groovies; Fotomaker; Pezband; Piper; The Diodes; The Flashcubes; The Names; The Nerves; The Paley Brothers; The Real Kids; The Scruffs; Tommy Hoehn
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Tracklist: 1. Shake Some Action - Flamin’ Groovies 2. Baby It's Cold Outside - Pezband 3. Hanging on the Telephone - The Nerves 4. Wayside - Artful Dodger 5. Hit the Floor - Earth Quake 6. Can't Wait - Piper 7. When You Find Out - The Nerves 8. The Summer Sun - Chris Stamey 9. Blow Yourself Up - Tommy Hoehn 10. My Mind - The Scruffs 11. Why Can't It Be - The Names 12. Southern Girls - Cheap Trick 13. All Kindsa Girls - The Real Kids 14. Come Out and Play - The Paley Brothers 15. Where Have...
Topic: Compilation
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