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by Handy (Jam) Organization
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Animated character "Tommy Telephone" produces a telephone by assembling 433 separate parts.
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Topics: Animation: Stop-motion, Communication: Telephone, Animation: Advertising
Classic TV uploaded by HappySwordsman
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Very early television series from 1949, aired locally in Los Angeles. A pop music show featuring talented performers. A bit stilted, but not bad given the limitations of early live local television. Contains the original commercials. (per the reviewer, I have changed the date in the title).
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Topics: Classic TV, Television, Live television, Local television, Los Angeles, Pop music, Popular music,...
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by DeVry School Films, Inc.
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Interested animated instructional film detailing electronic communications in the early part of the century. Interestingly enough, the popular vocational school DeVry claims that they began as a school in 1931, with no mention of the production of these informational films as early as (in the case of this film) 1928. 0616 PA8110 History of Communication
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Topics: Communication: Telephone, Motion Pictures: Sponsored, Motion Pictures: Industrial, Electronics,...