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by Guggenheim (Charles) & Associates, Inc.
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05:36:40:18 Great shot 1950s St. Louis traffic police car pulls up to curb, number 72 on side of car; police officer in passenger seat looks up; enormous ornate clock on building reads 6:25; police officer drives through empty city street of St. Louis earl morning; old man, shopkeeper, watches car cop car drive by, CU broom swooping trash on sidewalk, CU VS brooms sweeping trash on to the sidewalk; CU bottle of whisky is smashed on the curb. 05:37:42:27 Homeless man with scruffy face looks up...
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Hal Roach's 1940 sex-change comedy Turnabout starring Carole Landis, Adolphe Menjou, Mary Astor, Margaret Roach, and John Hubbard ~ Learn more about Carole at
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Topics: sex change, comedy, hal roach, carole landis, mary astor, margaret roach, adoplhe menjou, john...