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Vol Reel 0013 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - GEORGIA 13 Twelfth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Twelfth Cavalry (Robinson's), State Guards Twelfth Cavalry (Wright's), State Guards Thirteenth Cavalry Fifteenth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Sixteenth Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Nineteenth Battalion, Cavalry Twentieth Battalion, Cavalry Twenty-first Battalion, Cavalry Twenty-second Battalion, State Guards, Cavalry Twenty-fourth Battalion, Cavalry Twenty-ninth Cavalry Sixty-second Cavalry Capt. Alexander's Co., Cavalry Capt. Allen's Co., Cavalry Capt. Arnold's Co., Cavalry Capt. Asher's Co. (Murray Cavalry) Capt. Boddie's Co. (Troup County Independent Cavalry) Capt. Bond's Co., State Guards, Cavalry Camden County Militia, Mounted Capt. Corbin's Co., Cavalry Capt. Floyd's Co., Cavalry Capt. Gartrell's Co., Cavalry Capt. Hall's Co., Cavalry Hardwick Mounted Rifles Capt. Hendry's Co. (Atlantic and Gulf Guards), Cavalry Capt. Humphrey's Co., Independent Cavalry, Reserves Capt. Logan's Co. (White County Old Men's Home Guards), Cavalry Capt. Mayer's Co. (Appling Cavalry) Capt. Nelson's Independent Co., Cavalry Capt. Newbern's Co. (Coffee Revengers), Cavalry Capt. Pemberton's Co., Cavalry Roswell Battalion, Cavalry Capt. Rumph's Co. (Wayne Cavalry Guards) Capt. Russell's Co., Cavalry Lt. Waring's Co., Cavalry Capt. Young's Co. (Allegheny Troopers), Cavalry Ninth Battalion,•Artillery Eleventh Battalion (Stunter Artillery) Twelfth Battalion, light Artillery Fourteenth Battalion (Montgomery's), light Artillery Twenty-second Battalion, Heavy Artillery Twenty-eighth Battalion, Siege Artillery Capt. Anderson's Battalion, light Artillery Capt. Baker's Co., Artillery Capt. Barnwell's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Brooks' Co. (Terrell light Artillery) Capt. Campbell's Independent Co., Siege Artillery Capt. Carlton's Co. (Troup County Artillery) Capt. Clinch's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Croft's Battery (Columbus Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Daniell's Battery,, light Artillery Capt. Terrell's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Eraser's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Guerard's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Hamilton's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Hanleiter's Co. (Jo Thompson's Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Havis' Battery, Light Artillery Capt. Howell's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Hudson's Co. (Arsenal Battery), light Artillery Capt. King's Battery, Light Artillery Capt. LumpkLn's Co., Artillery Capt. Massenburg's Battery (Jackson Artillery), light Artillery Capt. Maxwell's Battalion, Regular light Artillery Capt. Maxwell's Regular light Battery, Artillery Capt. Milledge's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Moore's Battery, Artillery Capt. Pritchard's Co. (Washington Artillery), Light Artillery Pruden's Battery, State Troops, Artillery Capt. Ritter's Co., light Artillery Capt. Scogin's Battery (Griffin Light Artillery) Siege Train Artillery (Major Buist's) Capt. Slaten's Co. (Macon light Artillery) Capt. Tiller's Co. (Echols Light Artillery) Capt. Van Den Corput's Co., light Artillery Capt. Wheaton's Co. (Chatham Artillery): Compiled records showing service of military units in Confederate organizations [microform]
by United States. National Archives and Records Service
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