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by Grandfather Merryman
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Illustrations from: The  Juvenile Scrap-Book for 1849; a Christmas and New Year's Present for Young People edited by Grandfather Merryman with twenty-eight engravings on steel copyright 1849 List of Illustrations: Grandfather Merryman The Proud Girl (2 plates) The Use of Punishments Julian and his Rabbit Queen Anne's Physicians Lizzie Carson (2 plates) Cruelty to Animals Deception Punished Brothers and Sisters The Geraldines Faithful Fido Generosity Rewarded (2 plates) Dangers of Coquetry...
Topics: juvenile, merryman
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by Guggenheim (Charles) & Associates, Inc.
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05:36:40:18 Great shot 1950s St. Louis traffic police car pulls up to curb, number 72 on side of car; police officer in passenger seat looks up; enormous ornate clock on building reads 6:25; police officer drives through empty city street of St. Louis earl morning; old man, shopkeeper, watches car cop car drive by, CU broom swooping trash on sidewalk, CU VS brooms sweeping trash on to the sidewalk; CU bottle of whisky is smashed on the curb. 05:37:42:27 Homeless man with scruffy face looks up...
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