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The Georges Méliès Collection
Jul 20, 2016 Georges Méliès
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Le Diable Géant ou Le Miracle de la Madonne, 1901, 2m03s Star Film Catalogue Nos. 384-385 In a lavishly appointed room, a woman is serenaded by a man playing a lute while balanced on a ladder propped up just outside her window. After they clasp hands and gaze lovingly into each otherâs eyes, he descends to the ground. She crosses the room, beside herself with emotion. A devil appears in the alcove, causes bars to appear on her window, taunts her, and then performs a suggestive dance,...
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Topics: Gen X, Georges Méliès, Short Film, Silent Film, Fantasy, The Devil
The Georges Méliès Collection
- Georges Méliès
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L'Homme à la tête de Caoutchouc (The Man With The Rubber Head) is a 1902 silent French fantasy film directed by Georges Méliès. It was filmed in 1901 and released in 1902. A chemist in his laboratory places upon a table his own head, alive; then fixing upon his head a rubber tube with a pair of bellows, he begins to blow with all his might. Immediately the head increases in size and continues to enlarge until it becomes truly colossal while making faces. The chemist, fearing to burst it,...
Topics: Gen X, Georges Méliès, Short Film, Silent Film, Fantasy