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The Video Cellar Collection
by Norman Dawn
eye 15,330
favorite 31
comment 2
This is the greatest of all Austrlian Silent films. Made just before the advent of synchronised sound, this film had a limited period of commercial viabilty before it dissapeared from sight. Based on the serialised novel by Marcus Clarke, this was the most expensive film produced in Australia at the time. It costed 50,000 pounds when the average Australian film was made for around 1000 pounds. The film stars George Fisher as Richard Devine/Rufus Dawes/John Rex and Eva Novak as Sylvia Vickers...
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Topics: Australia, Silent Film, Epic, Marcus Clarke, Convicts, Wrongly Convicted, Doubles, Scandal
Silent Films
by Jean Vigo
eye 9,768
favorite 11
comment 0
À propos de Nice is a 1930 silent short documentary film directed by Jean Vigo and photographed by Boris Kaufman. The film depicts life in Nice, France by documenting the people in the city, their daily routines, a carnival and social inequalities. Vigo described the film in an address to the Groupement des Spectateurs d'Avant-Garde: "In this film, by showing certain basic aspects of a city, a way of life is put on trial... the last gasps of a society so lost in its escapism that it...
Topics: vigo, nice, silent film, muet, french, movie
The Video Cellar Collection
by Tal Ordell
eye 6,689
favorite 13
comment 0
Australian Silent film based on the Fatty Finn comic strips. This was the last silent film made in Australia. It was shot in the Sydney streets in 1927. The suburb where it is set is Wooloomoloo, which is an inner city suburb between the CBD and Potts Point. At the time this was film was made, it was a poor area. It is now an expensive, trendy suburb. The billy goat race had to be filmed in Queensland as the New South Wales government had banned such races a year before this film was made. The...
Topics: Feature Films, Australia, Silent Film, Early Features, Kids, Children, Billy Goat Races, Comics,...
The Video Cellar Collection
by Lois Weber
eye 5,025
favorite 14
comment 2
A rarity. Surviving extant fragments of the 1926 production based on Ernest Pascal's story "Egypt". Roughly 1/3 of the film missing. Most of the beginning middle and end of the film are present. All of the material is pieced together in the correct chronological order it appeared in the film. This is the final feature directed by Lois Weber. This film stars the legendary silent screen siren Billie Dove.
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Topics: silent, universal pictures, silent film, billie dove, lois weber, ernest pascal, egypt