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Silent Films
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1925 directed by Wilfred Noy starring Lila Lee, Gareth Hughes, Dolores Cassinelli and Bela Lugosi. A shady opera patron, (Lugosi), is in love with the same woman as his stepson.
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Topics: Midnight Girl, Bela Lugosi, silent film, Lila Lee
Feature Films
by NoseSilo
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1925 directed by Clarence Brown starring Rudolph Valentino as Drubovsky, Vilma Banky as Mascha, Louise Dresser as the Czarina, Albert Conti as Kuschka and James A. Marcus as Kryilla. After witnessing the daring rescue of a runaway carriage by the dashing, young Lieutenant Dubrovski, (Valentino), a smitten Czarina orders him to attend a private dinner. After a few drinks, the middle aged Czarina begins feeling a little lusty and exits to change into something more comfortable. The young...
Topics: Eagle, Rudolph Valentino, Valentino, Clarence Brown, Vilma Banky, Louise Dresser, Albert Conti,...