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Folkscanomy: A Library of Books

Folksonomy: A system of classification derived from the practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags to annotate and categorize content; this practice is also known as collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, and social tagging. Coined by Thomas Vander Wal, it is a portmanteau of folk and taxonomy.

Folkscanomy: A collection of books and text derived from the efforts of volunteers to make information as widely available as possible. Because the metadata related to these scanned books are often done outside the library or cataloging industries, finding material can be more difficult. The Folkscanomy collection attempts to add a layer of classification for easier navigation.

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Folkscanomy: Fringe and Off-Center
by Charles Tashiro
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I opened a YouTube account in April, 2006 and was a major contributor for several years. (I still contribute, although much less frequently.) In 2014 I was laid off from my job at the University of Rochester, and while I remained there for several months, I eventually returned to my home town on Cape Cod. These videos are largely updates about my project Native Alien which I was working on for several months that year. All of the videos save the last were shot in Rochester.
Topics: YouTube, online video, pop culture