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GLBT Historical Society

The GLBT Historical Society collects, preserves, exhibits and makes accessible to the public materials and knowledge to support and promote understanding of LGBTQ history, culture and arts in all their diversity. Founded in 1985, we are recognized internationally as a leader in the field of LGBTQ public history. The GLBT Historical Society is a registered 501(c)3 educational nonprofit organization.

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GLBT Historical Society Archives & Research Center 
989 Market Street 
Lower Level San Francisco, CA 94103 
Telephone: (415) 777-5455

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GLBT Historical Society
May 2, 2018 GLBT Historical Society
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Description :Oral history of Arthur Evans (conducted by Roland Schembari) in which he discusses his involvement with the Gay Liberation Front as well as his work with Harvey Milk, the Harvey Milk Lesbian/Gay Democratic Club, and California Proposition 6 / The Briggs Initiative in 1978. Events: Stonewall Riots, Briggs Initiative, March on Washington. People: Arthur Bell, John Lindsay (New York Mayor), Dick Cavett, Harvey Milk, Harry Hay. Processes/themes: witchcraft, education, childhood, family...
Topics: californialightandsound, Gay community, Oral histories
Source: 1 Tape of 1: 1/8 inch audio tape