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The Linux Distribution Archive is a growing collection of media for the installation of Linux on various systems from the past 20 years. Since its formation in the early 1990s, the open source nature of Linux has ensured great variation in the release of distributions, including variations on floppy disk, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and online-only.

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Puppy Linux
by peebee
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This is a 32-bit Woof-CE build using Disco Dingo components as of 31-mar-2019  Should be considered Alpha quality for testing.....but is based on UPupBB and UPupCC so should be relatively bug free....  Rolling Eyes  Kernel is 4.9.163 with firmware in an fdrv (no devx yet)  Same mix of apps and look and feel to UPupCC - so included web browser is Light and is in the adrv. 
Topics: Puppy Linux, Ubunto, Disco, Dingo, 19.04, peebe