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Magazine Art: Art, Film, Book, Movie, and Magazine Ads

Art prints have been around as long as printing has been around. Film, movies, cinema, as an art that moves, only a short time, but fully the memory of living humans. Books and magazines have been the subject of ads as long as the memory of humankind. Or so it would seem. Not only did magazines run ads for themselves and for other titles from the same publisher, they often ran ads for totally unconnected magazine titles. Sometimes they sold the space to the other publisher, and sometimes they simply exchanged space for ads in the other publisher's magazines. In addition, some magazine distributors and resellers ran combination ads in which one might subscribe to any number of magazines at a discounted price. Often they advertised art prints of their previously issued covers, and a number of companies built a business on providing art prints of all types.

Magazine Art: Advertising Art in Magazines
Magazine Art
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Magazine Art: Art, Film, Book, Movie, and Magazine Ads
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Colorful ad for low-cost editions of Oz books, some of them as written and some of them abridged for young children. (Bet they took the political commentary out.) Published in the November, 1939 issue of powerangers Restoration by: magscanner
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