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Magazine Art: Adventure Pulps

Here we find pulps devoted to the adventurous thrills that all their readers hoped might be theirs some day, or else just lived vicariously in the thrilling dreams of others. Danger! Warfare! Frontiers! Mysterious messages and treacherous missions against hopeless odds!

Magazine Art
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Magazine Art: Adventure magazine
by Charles Durant
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Devious Eastern gentleman about to make a fool of some silly Western guy. King Taotai by Charles Gilson. Artist: Charles Durant Source: Ross L. Dobbin estate
Topics: Adventure Pulps, Adventure magazine, yellow peril, China
Magazine Art: Short Stories
by Charles Wood
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Turbaned adventurer shows off jewel treasure, but behind him a hand sneaks through the curtains with a dagger poised to strike him down. "Loot from Badakhshan," by E. Hoffmann Price; also, "Two on the Mate," by Richard Howells Watkins, "Foreclosure on Halfaday," by J. B. Hendryx, and "Nine Men with Bats," by Malcolm Murchie. Artist: Charles Wood Source: Tak Restoration by: magscanner
Topics: Adventure Pulps, Short Stories, middle east, near east, Islam, Arabian nights, jewelry,...