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Reels of Microfilm

Microfilm reels are scanned into TIF files and uploading in this form and then are processed to create individual books. Therefore these reels are not really for public consumption.

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Date Published
Reels of Microfilm
by Goessler, Peter, b. 1872
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Filmed with: Goetz, Georg / Symbola critica ad priores Plavti fabvlas -- Goetzeler, Ludovicus / Observationes Herodianeae -- Hoffmann, C. F. / Ueber die Zerstörung der Römerstädte an dem Rheine, zwischen Lahn und Wied ... -- Henricus, Joannes Christianus / De vestis nuptialis apud Graecos et Romanos colore -- Desjardins, T. / Le Mont Palatin -- Heinze, Johann Michael / Beschluss der Anmerkungen uber die Abhandlung des Delaveau -- Goettlingius, Carolus / De loco M. Terentii Varronis De re...
Topics: Extinct cities, Greece