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Mightyverse is a growing community of people who love sharing their language and exploring other cultures. We believe that language is more than grammar and vocabulary and that the phrase is the fundamental unit of language. Since we value individual expression, we have built Mightyverse so that native language speakers can contribute short videos of spoken phrases to inspire and teach people to expand what they can say in another language.  Language revitalization is a core part of our mission. Mightyverse Commons publishes all endangered language from our collections for anyone to use.

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Vocabulary and phrases in Basque. French Basque recorded at the Internet Archive Recordathon, July 30, 2011. The attached PDF, Eskualdun_Guzieri_Dei_Bat.pdf, is what she used as a source document.
Topics: French Basque, language, phrases, recordathon, Mightyverse