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BYU Primrose International Viola Archive

The Primrose International Viola Ar​chive (PIVA), housed at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, is the official viola archive of both the International Viola Society and American Viola Society. PIVA holds the largest collection in the world of the viola literature.

After visiting the archive, Patricia McCarty, international viola soloist and recording artist, stated, “The Primrose Archive is of inestimable value to violists worldwide in our search to rediscover the best music written for our instrument.”

Named in honor of William Primrose (1904-1982), the Scottish viola virtuoso who helped establish the viola as a concert instrument, the Primrose International Viola Archive (PIVA) originated in 1974 when Primrose accepted a proposal to donate his memorabilia to BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library as the core of a new viola library that would eventually become a national “resource center for students, violists,
and scholars.

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Date Published
2 parts (7, 7 p.) ; 33 cm
Topic: Violin and viola music -- Parts
2 parts (7, 7 p.) ; 33 cm
Topic: Violin and viola music -- Parts