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Project Solomon Islands 1993

Digitization and archival of the the photo album of Project Solomon Islands 1993 (by Youth Challenge International) by volunteer Damaris Cerdas who went to Makira-Ulawa Province to:
  1. Prevent malaria in Ulawa (sometimes termed "the first project"; cf. picture 73); and to
  2. Construct a small clinic in Na'hana (sometimes termed "the second project"; cf. picture 39).
She arrived in Honiara, Guadalcanal by plane on 17 April 1993 (cf. picture 1), and left Honiara (seemingly together with other volunteers) on 25 or 26 June 1993 (cf. picture 97).

Project Solomon Islands 1993 seems to have been a project by Youth Challenge International, which was supported by (cf. picture 5):
  • Rotary Club of Honiara;
  • Rotary Australia Clubs (multiple, cf. picture 5 for a list); and
  • Rotary Canada.
Project Solomon Islands 1993 had the following co-operating agencies (cf. picture 3):

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Project Solomon Islands 1993
Apr 23, 1994 Damaris Cerdas
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Scan collection identifier: 12 of 100. Note: To understand the date and place of this photograph, cf. scan 10 or scan 11 . To download the original (cropped) scan in full quality: Download the file in .TIFF format (cf. also "Download options"). With thankful credit to Damaris Cerdas (a Costa Rican citizen who photographed and annotated her volunteering experience to the Solomon Islands in 1993) for having given me permission to digitize her photo album (August 2016) and publish 98% of...
Topics: Aroligo, Solomon Islands, Honiara, Guadalcanal