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Centre d'études du 19e siècle français - Joseph Sablé - Centre for 19th Century French Studies

The Sablé Collection for 19th Century French Studies is located within the Rare Book collection at the John M. Kelly Library and contains over 500 books by and about Émile Zola.

The Sablé Collection is comprised of some 12,000 volumes (most of them in original edition) on French Romanticism and French history and society in the 19th century. The collection also contains a number of period journals available in printed editions and on microfilm. The Zola Collection includes all of Emile Zola’s works as well as those by other Naturalists.

Material for this collection provided by: John M. Kelly Library Special Collections

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Date Published
"Représenté sur le Théâtre-italien à Paris."
Topic: Operas