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Series Media


Media and sound diffusion project that publishes periodically unpublished material from Latin-American musicians. Created by some members of different projects as Protov and Panorama that reside in Medellín Colombia, SERIES promotes and distributes productions of several independent projects of electronic music.

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Series Media
by Alejandro Vélez
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After his apparitions and incursions in fields more noise-IDM oriented, Vélez a.k.a. Palomo continues with the experiment, but in this occasion he surprises us with a record full of midtempo, unobtrusive and delicate lapses among several vibrations and minimum sounds that get into a really pleasant rhythmical conjunction. In a few words, an eloquent indication of what happens day after day. musical project from Medellin-Colombia this ep is part of series media ...a musical project dedicated to...
Topic: Minimal
Source: Laptop
Series Media
by Tropico esmeralda
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More than a follow up to their previous effort in SERIES, Trópico esmeralda returns with a concept record. Rifas, juegos y espectáculos presents rhythms, harmonics and textures that bring the listener to the winding frontiers of serenity and constant restlessness. Pain and pleasure, candor and spite, submission and contempt. A record full of contradictions and false hopes. A trip to a world of no return, a relentless bitterness disguised in happiness. musical project from Medellin-Colombia...
Topic: downtempo series media